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Pulse Disease, Weeds Headline 2021 Ag Research Summit Webinars


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Weeds and plant diseases are perennial problems for farmers and ranchers in the MonDak and a ripe research topic for university and federal scientists. That research and its application to local farms and ranches is featured in two February webinars from the 2021 MonDak Ag Research Summit Series, which began in January and concludes in March.

Tuesday, Feb. 9: Dr. Mary Burrows, Montana Agricultural Experiment Station plant pathologist and associate director and Research Development at Montana State University will present a keynote address on “Managing root rot of pulses.” Dr. Burrows will provide preliminary results from a multistate collaboration focusing on root rot in lentils. Breeders, pathologists, agronomists, and others have been working on the description and management of Fusarium root rot for two years. Dr. Burrows will also discuss future endeavors and will seek feedback from her audience on the project.

Thursday, Feb. 25: The topic turns to weeds with keynote speaker Dr. Brian Jenks, NDSU Minot research station weed scientist. Dr. Jenks will share his take on difficult-to-control weeds such as kochia, horseweed, and narrowleaf hawksbeard; as well as information on weed resistance to commonly used herbicides; how to make spring burndowns more effective, and the new herbicides coming available.

Dr. Jenks’ holds a Ph.D. in weed science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and conducts applied weed control research in most crops grown in western North Dakota.

Pesticide applicator points for Montana participants are available for those attending the live versions of these webinars. Sorry, viewing the subsequent recordings – to be made available online – does not qualify for points.

Both February webinars conclude at 11:30 a.m. MST/12:30 p.m. CST and, in addition to the keynote presentations, include three shorter talks on related research being conducted by scientists working in this region (details below).

All interested persons are invited to take part and anyone can join the day of the event by using the following (Zoom program) link: No registration is needed to participate.

As noted above, the Feb. 9 webinar includes the following presenters in addition to Dr. Burrows:

• The effect of long-term rotations on agronomic characteristics and root rot control – Study overview - Dr. Brett Allen, USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Lab research agronomist (Dryland) – Sidney.

• The effect of long-term rotations on agronomic characteristics and root rot control – Aphanomyces - Dr. Audrey Kalil, NDSU Williston Research and Extension Center plant pathologist – Williston.

• The effect of long-term rotations on agronomic characteristics and root rot control – Fusarium - Dr. Frankie Crutcher, MSU Eastern Agricultural Research Center assistant professor / plant pathologist – Sidney.

Similarly, the Feb. 25 webinar includes the following presenters in addition to Dr. Jenks:

• Purging Spurge: where are flea beetles most effective? - Dr. Natalie West, USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Lab research ecologist – Sidney.

• Management of herbicide resistant weeds in sugarbeet systems - Dr. Lovreet Shergill, MSU Southern Agricultural Research Center weed scientist – Huntley, MT.

• Aquatic invasive weeds in Montana and North Dakota - Dr. John Gaskin, USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory research biologist– Sidney.

The MonDak Ag Research Summit is coordinated by MSU’s Eastern Agricultural Research Center; USDA ARS’s Northern Plains Agricultural Research Lab, both in Sidney, and NDSU’s Williston Research Extension Center in Williston. Normally a one-day, in-person event, this year’s MonDak Ag Research Summit was moved online due to Covid.

Remaining webinar dates and keynote presentations in the 2021 webinar series include the following:

March 11: Seasonal Outlooks and Potential Climate Change Impacts for Eastern MT and Western ND - Patrick Gilchrist, NOAA, National Weather Service Station warning coordination meteorologist/service coordination hydrologist– Glasgow, MT.

• March 25: Topic: marketing; Title: pending; Keynote - Dr. Vincent Smith, Initiative for Regulation and Applied Economic Analysis Professor., Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics, Montana State University – Bozeman;

Note, all webinars run from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. MST/11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. CST and include opportunities to ask questions of the speakers during the live sessions.

For questions or more information on this series, contact Beth Redlin, 406-433-9427; [email protected], or Violeta Hobbs, 701-774-4315; [email protected] or visit our website at


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