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February 10, 2021 | View PDF

State Senator Steve Hinebauch has written that the Jan. 6 riots in the Nation’s capital were caused by ANTIFA disguised as Trump supporters and that identifying the “far right” as those that caused, “problems” during the administration change, was a farce. An editorial sidebar to Hinebauch’s legislative report stated the FBI refuted ANTIFA involvement and identified well-known Trump supporters photographed during the riot as members of Q-ANON and Proud Boys. Helena, MT area brothers Joshua Calvin Hughes and Jerod Wade Hughes, who turned themselves in to authorities, have been charged with obstructing official business, obstruction of a police official, destruction of property and entering the capitol without authorization. Prosecutors say the brothers were among the first ten rioters to enter that part of the Capitol building. Also identified was Henry Muntzer of Dillon charged with unlawful entry and disorderly conduct in the capitol riots.

Facts matter and the prolonged denial of the electoral results, by government officials from the president on down, fed conspiracy theories and fueled the passions of those who believe their only recourse is a violent overthrow of the duly elected government. Taking responsibility for one’s actions includes accepting that a fringe group of Trump supporters instigated the riots that caused death and destruction in the US Capitol and attempted to overthrow the U S government.

Janet Martineau, Sidney, MT


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