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Health Officials Urge Residents to Remain Vigilant With Lifting of Restrictions


February 17, 2021 | View PDF

Governor Gianforte signed bill SB65 on Wednesday Feb. 10. This law limits when businesses, health care providers and other organizations can be sued for potential COVID-19. There is also an allowance for those groups to claim a defense if they took “reasonable measures” with accordance with guidelines provided by public health. With the passing of bill 65 it opened the door for the mask mandate to be lifted statewide. Gianforte explained the bill was necessary before the mandate would even be lifted. Stated wide lifting of the mask mandate began Feb. 12. Gianforte also wanted to wait until those who were at higher risk received the COVID-19 vaccine. As of last week 149,263 have obtained one of two shots in the series while only 41,539 are fully vaccinated.

When Upper Missouri Valley Health Unit in Williston and the Richland County Health Department were asked about the mandate being lifted the response from Daphne Clark Public Information Officer and Stephanie Ler, RS, MPH Richland County Health Department environmental health director explained regardless of if the mandate is law or not people should still wear masks for protection for themselves as well as others, also to continue to social distance, wash hands for continued safety precautions.


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