Guest Opinion: Does Democracy Still Work?


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Is democracy going to fail? Experts have predicted that in the past, and now it seems more likely than ever. The Constitution was signed on Sept. 17, 1787. The relevance of this document is at risk of becoming irrelevant, and the American form of government, as we know it may become unrecognizable in the future.

There are many examples of concerning changes that are underway. The border is no longer being defended. Illegal immigrants are being encouraged to come here (for cheap labor and purchased voter loyalty). A massive $1.9 trillion bill has recently passed – under the guise of COVID relief – with only 9% dedicated to that cause with the rest going to various liberal causes (bailout poorly run liberal cities, etc.). The concept of equity (equal results) is being promoted over the traditional goal of equality (equal opportunity). Incentives for effort-based rewards are being removed. Government is giving money away that effectively undermines traditional family structure (more benefits for having even more children out of wedlock). Gender-based pronouns (he, she, mother, father, etc.) have recently been banned from Congressional proceedings. Biologic men are being allowed to unfairly compete in women’s sports. Reverse Discrimination is practiced in government and businesses. Voter integrity is being ransacked by not requiring voter ID, etc. Freedoms of Speech and Religion (1st Amendment) and the Right to Bear Arms (the 2nd Amendment) are being undermined. There is a full-blown attack on carbon-based industry. Policies (both federal and local) of refusing to enforce laws, and “defund the police” agendas, have made our lives less safe. And so on. And so forth.

I am not a lawyer, but even non-lawyers (like myself) can learn that our country’s founders, in their wisdom, did not want things to be this way. The United States was to be a “constitutional federal republic.” That is what these historic documents say. The nation is really a collection of 50 different democracies. The federal government is supposed to take care of “federal” issues and let the states take care of “state” issues. There is supposed to be true division of powers – executive, judicial, and legislative. The central government (as ominous as that sounds) was given the right to impose taxes, borrow money, provide national defense, regulate commerce with foreign nations, establish and enforce rules on nationalization, print money, build roads, maintain a military, and wage wars if needed. Most rules of government were supposed to be left up to the individual states and local governments. Article IV and Section 4 of the Constitution specifically says that the US shall “guarantee to every state” that the Union shall remain a “Republican Form of Government.” We are really a “representative democracy.” The USA was never meant to have a “one size fits all” centrally run agenda to rule over the individual states.

The states are to be run in a democratic manner. They are to elect members to Congress, and make sure the rights of its citizens are represented. The founders were quite concerned that the densely populated urban areas would try to control the lives of people from less populated rural areas. Our founding fathers realized that all segments of the population, and all geographical areas, were equally important. It sounds like these ideals are no longer highly regarded.

The Declaration of Independence refers to “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” and our “Creator” as being the source of self-evident truths. These principles were meant to appeal to our inherent sense of “right and wrong.” We all rightfully believe in “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I am concerned that our country is deviating away from the ideals set in writing by our country’s founding fathers. Is it fair that big government is giving vast amounts of money to various sectors of our society to influence votes – not really for “humanitarian” reasons, as they claim. Even if that were the case, handout programs have repeatedly been shown to fail. Is it fair that our lives are being increasingly controlled by New York, California, and other major urban centers? It should be noted that 95% of the counties in this country voted for the conservative candidate in the last two presidential elections. Middle America is increasingly being controlled by Bicoastal Elites.

In the old days, people valued the self-evident truths that are talked about in the Declaration of Independence. Equal opportunity for all – including having a “safety net” of extra help for those with true needs – are worthy goals. We should try to be “a more perfect union,” but this earthly life will never be perfect. It is important that we promote individual responsibility and reward hard work. Elected officials should not be promoting agendas to merely buy votes to keep their party into power. This ultimately undermines our society. That kind of “democracy” will be our undoing.


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