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April 21, 2021 | View PDF

Greetings from Helena!

We had a busy week in the Legislature again. In Fish, Wildlife and Parks we had a resolution to approve the Governor’s appointees to the Board of Outfitters. One of them was Wagner Harmon, a rancher and outfitter from Bainville. We also heard a bill, HB367, which, if it passes, will make it a Constitutional right to hunt, trap, and fish. This bill’s intention is to protect our traditions and values from animal rights groups who don’t want us to harvest wild animals.

In Judiciary Committee we heard SJ97, which appropriated a little money to the Legislature so we can defend ourselves, and the Governor from a lawsuit brought on by the Montana Supreme Court. They forget that they are to interpret law, not write it. That is the job of the Legislature and the Governor. HB504 is a bill we heard in Judiciary committee, and I carried on the Senate floor, that dealt with guns, ammo and shooting ranges during times of declared emergencies. This bill demands that gun stores would be an essential service. Both of these issues are a result of what happened this past year and in light of what the President is doing with executive orders. President Biden even referred to the 2nd Amendment as not being absolute.

We are trying to get the loose ends tied up and hopefully we can be done shortly. The Governor has signed several bills including SB193, which is a bill I carried for the counties. This bill gives counties another option to get rid of land they have acquired because of tax liens.

If you are in Helena, be sure to stop and see us. If you want to look up the text of a bill you can find it at

For Freedom,

Senator Steve Hinebauch


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