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Celebrate Montana Tobacco Quit Line's 17th Birthday By Quitting Your Way

“Tobacco free is a breath of fresh air. A freedom not experienced in years.” – Montana Tobacco Quit Line Caller


Richland County - May 10 marks 17 years of helping Montanans quit tobacco. Since 2004, more than 100,000 Montanans have called the Montana Tobacco Quit Line for help with their quit attempt. Montana has the highest quit rate for all tobacco products in the nation, according to the North American Quitline Consortium. The quit rate is significantly higher for Montanans who utilize the Montana Tobacco Quit Line than for those who try quitting alone (36% compared to 4-7%). Montanans who call the Quit Line and use Chantix have a quit rate of 50%.

The Montana Tobacco Quit Line has made significant advances over the past 17 years to better reach and serve Montanans. This year, the Quit Line added a new feature allowing Montanans to chat online with a live coach. Montanans under 25 can also text with a live coach by texting “start” to 36072. Utilizing the Quit Line is completely free and those engaged in the program can access free nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges as well as three months of free Chantix.

Since its launch, the Quit Line has also made improvements to better serve vulnerable populations and populations targeted by the tobacco industry. In 2013, the Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program launched to help Montana pregnant women who want to quit tobacco. This program offers nine free coaching calls with a dedicated female coach as well as cash incentives with each completed coaching call: $20 for completed calls while pregnant and $30 for completed calls postpartum. In 2015, the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line launched, which offers free coaching calls with American Indian coaches who can speak to the culture and quitting commercial tobacco. In 2019, the Quit Line launched its newest program, My Life, My Quit, a free texting/chat program for youth who are looking to quit all forms of tobacco, including e-cigarettes.

“While we have seen moderate declines in adult tobacco use from 2004 to now, we still have one in four Montanans using some form of tobacco, whether it be cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, or a combination of these. The introduction of e-cigarettes has driven an increase in tobacco use among youth in Montana with one in three Montana high school students currently using e-cigarettes. Our work is far from over,” says Jacklyn Damm, Richland County Health Department tobacco prevention specialist.

Now is the time to “Quit Your Way.” Pick the coaching style, quit line program, and cessation medication that is right for you. Join with 100,000 other Montanans and call the Montana Tobacco Quit to help you quit tobacco your way. The Montana Tobacco Quit Line, along with FDA-approved cessation medications available through enrollment, is a proven and effective way to help you quit tobacco use successfully.

Call or visit us online today!

Montana Tobacco Quit Line: 1-800-QUIT-NOW or

American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line: 1-855-5AI-QUIT or

My Life, My Quit (Under 18): 1-855-891-9989 or

Montanans under 25, text “start” to 36072


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