The Roundup -

Fairview High School Scholarships

"Class Of 2021"


Jeremy Krieger, Merchants Bank presents the Merchants Bank Scholarship to, front from left, Jadyn Gackle, Scout Hofer, Ashton Neu and Audrey Burman, back, BayLee Schlothauer, Brady Buxbaum, Paul Hardy, Garrett George, and Steve Rice. (Submitted photo) 

Honor Society Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $500

Math Club Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $500

Montana Leadership & Service FCCLA Scholarship: BayLee Schlothauer, $200

Robert Arthaud/Don Burman Memorial Scholarship: Paul Hardy & Audrey Burman, $350 each

Fairview Community Foundation Scholarship: Brady Buxbaum, Jadyn Gackle, Easton Hopes, BayLee Schlothauer, & Audrey Burman, $500 each

Fairview High School Endowment Fund Scholarship: Audrey Burman, Brady Buxbaum, Jadyn Gackle, Steve Rice, Baylee Schlothauer, & Paul Hardy, $100 each

LeRoy and Pam Unterseher Memorial Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $500

Jimmy Fugate Memorial Scholarship: Easton Hopes & Brady Buxbaum, $1,000 each

Larry Buxbaum Memorial Scholarship: Brady Buxbaum, $1000

Jason Cayko Memorial Scholarship: Easton Hopes, Jadyn Gackle, Audrey Burman, & Paul Hardy, $500 each

Nancy Hunter Female Leaders Scholarship: BayLee Schlothauer, $1,000

Ben York Masonic Scholarship: Brady Buxbaum, $500 x 2 yrs.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $1,000

Bud and Hennie Starr Foundation Scholarship: Scout Hofer & Audrey Burman, $1.200 each

Merchants Bank Scholarship: Brady Buxbaum & BayLee Schlothauer, $500 each; Audrey Burman, Jadyn Gackle, Garrett George, Paul Hardy, Scout Hofer, Ashton Neu, & Steve Rice, $250 each

Henry Elm Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle & BayLee Schlothauer, $14,445 each

Rupert J. Rehberg Scholarship, BayLee Schlothauer, Michelle Loan, Paul Hardy, & Scout Hofer, $5,000 each

Empty Saddle Memorial Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, BayLee Schlothauer, Easton Hopes, Scout Hofer, & Ashton Neu, $500 each

Earl Reidle Memorial Scholarship: Brady Buxbaum & Steve Rice, $1,000 each

Barbie Kittleson Memorial Scholarship: Audrey Burman & Steve Rice, $1,000 each

Community Presbyterian Church Scholarship: Paul Hardy & Scout Hofer, $1,000 each

Ron Shaide Memorial Scholarship: Brady Buxbaum, Jadyn Gackle, & Paul Hardy, $1,000 each

Evelyn Nevins Sorenson Memorial Scholarship: Paul Hardy, $1,000

Mid-Rivers Higher Education Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $1,000

Robbie Lovegren Memorial /"F" Club Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle & Paul Hardym $250 each

June and Ted Sullivan Family Foundation Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle & Paul Hardy, $1,000 each

Easton Hopes & Brady Buxbaum, $500 each

Ralph H. Foss: Jadyn Gackle, $1,500 x 2 yrs.

LYREA/Montana Electric Cooperative Association: BayLee Schlothauer, $1,000

Donald E. Pizzini Memorial Nurse Scholarship, Shaylee Dean, $1,000

Richland Opportunity Inc. Scholarship, Easton Hopes, $750 x 4 yrs.

Damon McLaughlin Memorial Hockey Scholarship: Scout Hofer, $500

ONEOK, Inc Scholarship: Michelle Loan, $4,000 x 4 yrs.

Treacy Foundation Scholarship, Tony Norby, $3,000 x 4 yrs.

Dickinson State University

Presidential Scholarship: Kaden Skogas, $1,600 x 4 yrs.

Presidential Scholarship: Easton Hopes, $1,600 x 4 yrs.

Athletic Scholarship: Easton Hopes, $500

Rocky Mountain College

Dean's Merit Scholarship: Michelle Loan, $11,000 x 4 yrs.

Minot State University

Wade Whiteman, Stockman Bank presents the Henry Elm Scholarship to Jadyn Gackle and BayLee Schlothauer. (Submitted photo)

Academic Merit Scholarship: Paul Hardy, $1,000 x 4 yrs.

Minot Athletic Scholarship: Paul Hardy, $2,000 x 4 yrs.

Black Hills State University

Business Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $1,500

Buzz Bonus Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $1,000 x 4 yrs.

Presidential Medallion Scholarship: Jadyn Gackle, $4,000 x 4 yrs.

University of North Dakota

Honors Tuition Scholarship: BayLee Schlothauer, $1,000 x 4 yrs.

Presidential Scholarship: BayLee Schlothauer, $3,500 x 4 yrs.

2021 North Dakota Scholar: BayLee Schlothauer, $35,524


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