Carrie Miranda to Share Soybean Varieties And Research Update

Starting at 5:15 p.m. CT at Williston Extension Center's Dryland Field Day, July 14, Dr. Carrie Miranda will be speaking about different soybean varieties as well as providing an update on her current soybean research at North Dakota State University. 

Miranda, NDSU Assistant Professor in Soybean Breeding, aims to produce high-yielding soybean varieties to maximize success for North Dakota farmers. The NDSU soybean program uses varieties that contain value-protecting traits such as IDC, Phytophthora, and SCN resistance and/or herbicide resistance. The program also researches novel sources of useful traits such as maturity, stem architecture, and pathology using molecular and bioinformatic approaches.

Soybean variety selection in North Dakota is based on maturity, yield, seed quality, lodging, iron-deficiency, chlorosis tolerance and disease reactions. In most years, later-maturing soybean varieties tend to yield more than early maturing varieties when evaluated at the same location. For trial results see the NDSU soybean variety information at


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