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Rock the Races


Sprint car driver Adam Soblic, Grand Forks, takes the checkered flag at the Rock the Races event at the Williston Basin Speedway July 3. TNT Fireworks sponsored the event which ended with a spectacular fireworks display.

Williston Basin Speedway Western Renegade Wingless Sprint, 7/3 Racing Results

IMCA Hobby Stock

A Feature 1

1st Place: Andrew Bertsch, Minot, ND, 146

2nd Place: John Flory Jr, Williston, ND, 18

3rd Place: Riese Dignan, Kenmare, ND, 144

4th Place: Dennis Breivik II, Williston, ND, 11B

5th Place: Austin Kayton, Mesa, AZ, 133

6th Place: Rany Zufelt, Williston, ND, 88R

7th Place: Ethan Neu, Fairview, MT, 51E

IMCA Modified

A Feature 1

1st Place: Kyler Jeffrey, Williston, ND, 72X

2nd Place: Donavon Sorenson, Williston, ND, 307

3rd Place: Travis Hagen, Williston, ND, 14T

4th Place: Wayne Johnson, Minot, ND, 4J

5th Place: Chris Schroeder, Williston, ND, 6

6th Place: John Flory, Williston, ND, 19

7th Place: Hank Berry, Sidney, MT, 25

8th Place: Marcus Tomlinson, Turtle Lake, ND, 5T

9th Place: Mike Tomlinson, Turtle Lake, ND, 2T

10th Place: Tommy Lee, Grenora, ND, 17X

11th Place: Nick Fuchs, Williston, ND, 00

12th Place: Eric Sinness, Williston, ND, 88

13th Place: Austin Caruthers, Williston, ND, 28C

14th Place: Dillon Price, Glendive, MT, 308

15th Place: Aden Clark, Surrey, ND, 94

16th Place: Tim Dignan, Kenmare, ND, 04

17th Place: Richard Bohlman, Tioga, ND, 4

IMCA Northern Sportmod

A Feature 1

1st Place: Brady Bjella, Williston, ND, 99

2nd Place: Darren Schatz, Williston, ND, 29

3rd Place: Tate Johnson, Medicine Lake, MT, 413

4th Place: Robby Rosselli, Minot, ND, 0

5th Place: Jeff Bieber, Fairview, MT, 89

6th Place: Nick Lund, Crosby, ND, 13

7th Place: Seth Dixon, Williston, ND, 21

8th Place: Dylan Barnhardt, Washburn, ND, 28

9th Place: Tanner Conlin, Williston, ND, 47

10th Place: Doug Green, Alexander, ND, 88X

11th Place: CJ Peterson, Richey, MT, 14P

IMCA Stockcar

A Feature 1

1st Place: Jake Nelson, Williston, ND, 10J

2nd Place: Mike Hagen, Williston, ND, 27X

3rd Place: Dave Swallers, Williston, ND, 11

4th Place: Dalton Flory, Williston, ND, 20F

5th Place: Adam Goff, Minot, ND, 30A

6th Place: Seth Dixon, Williston, ND, 21

7th Place: Joren Boyce, Minot, ND, 67

8th Place: Jace Iverson, Tioga, ND, 5

9th Place: Justin Bachmeier, Williston, ND, 16B

10th Place: Jason Kniffen, Minot, ND, 34

Junior Slingshots

A Feature 1

1st Place: Landon Gaudreau, Williston, ND, 10X

2nd Place: Ayden Hill, Williston, ND, 87A

3rd Place: Denli Wendt, Williston, ND, 30

4th Place: Sage Borud, Williston, ND, 6

5th Place: Hailey Mattox, Ray, ND, 11M

6th Place: Jace Keller, Sidney, MT, J9

7th Place: Matt Sorenson, Williston, ND, 110

8th Place: Bayley Grile, Williston, ND, 26B

9th Place: Sawyer Gaudreau, Williston, ND, 17


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