MSU EARC/Extension 41st Annual Field Day Schedule July 20

8-8:30 a.m .: Refreshments and Registration

8:30-8:40 a.m .: Welcome, Dr. Chengci Chen, MSU-EARC Superintendent

Tour Begins

8:45-9 a.m .: Improving Spring and Winter Barley for MT. Dr. Jamie Sherman (MSU-Bozeman barley breeder)

9-9:15 a.m .: Spring Wheat Breeding. Dr. Jason Cook (MSU-Bozeman spring wheat breeder)

9:15-9:25 a.m .: Cereal Forage Issues in the Drought Year. Tim Fine (MSU-Richland County Extension agent)

9:25-9:35 a.m .: Screening Oilseed for High NUE. Shreya Gautam (MSU-EARC graduate student) and Dr. Charlie Lim (MSU-EARC postdoc)

9:45-9:55 a.m .: Potential of Industrial Hemp. Dr. Chengci Chen (MSU-EARC superintendent)

9:55-10:05 a.m. -Weed Control in Mung Bean and Adzuki Bean, Dr. Charlie Lim (MSU-EARC postdoc)

10:05-10:20 a.m .: Durum Breeding and Genetics. Dr. Mike Giroux (MSU-PSPP department head and durum breeder), Andy Hogg (research associate), and Brandon Tillett (PhD graduate student)

10:20-10:35 a.m .: Winter Wheat Breeding. James Berg (MSU-Bozeman research associate)

10:35-10:50 a.m .: Sugarbeet Cropping Systems Study. Bill Iversen (USDA-ARS physical scientist)

10:50-11:05 a.m .: Travel across the highway

11:05-11:25 a.m .: Cereal, Pulse, and Sugarbeet Disease Issues. Dr. Frankie Crutcher (MSU-EARC plant pathologist)

11:25-11:40 a.m .: Grasshopper outbreaks and management options. Dr. Dave Branson (USDA-ARS entomologist)

11:40 am – 11:55 am Pulse Crop Protein and Fertility Trial Yield and Protein. Wendell Rich (Ingredion) and Dr. Bill Franck (MSU-EARC Research Scientist)

11:55 a.m.-12:10 p.m .: Recipes for Making Peas Pay - ARS Pea and Lentil Breeding Programs. Dr. Rebecca McGee (USDA-ARS pea and lentil breeder)

12:10-12:25 p.m .: More Protein, More Peas, Untangling the Genetics. Dr. Clarice Coyne (USDA-ARS geneticist).

12:25-12:35 p.m .: Intercropping Chickpea with Flax. Yi Zhou (MSU-EARC graduate student) and Dr. Bill Franck (MSU-EARC research scientist)

12:40-12:45 p.m .: Update of Sidney Sugars. Duane Peters (Sidney Sugars agriculture manager)

12:45-12:50 p.m .: Introduction of MSU Extension Plant Pathologist. Dr. Oscar Perez-Hernandez (MSU-Bozeman Extension plant pathologist)

12:50-1:05 p.m .: Management of Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Sugarbeet Cropping Systems in Montana. Dr. Lovreet Shergill (MSU-SARC weed scientist)

1:05-1:15 p.m .: Fertility Study to Improve Sugarbeet Yield and Sucrose Concentration. Dr. Charlie Lim (MSU-EARC Postdoc)

1:20-2:20 p.m. Lunch (steaks cooked and served by Sidney Chamber of Commerce and MSU-EARC); Update of the Research Centers Department. Dr. Darrin Boss, MSU Research Centers Department; Update from VP/Director’s Office. Dr. Sreekala Bajwa Department Head, of Agriculture VP and Ag Experiment Station Director and Dean of College of Agriculture.

2:20 p.m .: Field Day Program Adjourned


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