Lewis & Clark Museum To Host Great Western Cattle Trail Drive Obelisks July 18

Lewis & Clark Museum, Alexander, will commemorate the Great Western Cattle Trail Drive, Sunday, July 18 at 2 p.m. The museum has been gifted with the honor of housing one of the many obelisks and a plaque celebrating the journey of millions of cattle and horses traveling from just south of Texas to Canada during 1870s-1890s.

Rotary Clubs from south Texas to North Dakota have teamed up to mark trails with cement obelisks every 6-10 miles and North Dakota is the third of nine states on the historical trail that began marking its area. The concrete 7-ft.-long white obelisks were donated by Stark County historian and businessman Scott Olin, Dickinson Ready Mix.

Bob Petermann will be the special entertainment and a short explanation of the trail will be presented by Kathy James and Kathy White. An ice cream social will follow.

The event is free.

This is a great opportunity to join as a member of the museum or renew your current membership.


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