Richland County Commissioners File Resolution Supporting Vaccination Privacy

On July 19, The Board of County Commissioners of Richland County, State of Montana, signed Resolution No. 2021-5, “opposing vaccination discrimination, supporting vaccination privacy, and expressing local support of state leaders for protecting the freedoms of Montana citizens regarding vaccinations.”

The resolution stated that privacy is a “hallmark of the character of Montana”. As stated by the Montana Supreme Court, “Montanans have heightened expectations of privacy.”’ The Montana Supreme Court has characterized Montana’s constitutional right as unique and affording to Montanan’s privacy extending significantly beyond what is afforded by provisions of the United States Constitution. 

To emphasize Richland County’s commitment to the privacy of its citizens, commissioners implemented Resolution No. 2021-5. It includes the support for voluntary vaccination. It states, “We support all efforts of the state and local governments, private organizations, and individuals, including those of the departments of Richland County, lawfully to develop, test, license, distribute, and administer vaccinations so that those voluntarily wishing to be vaccinated can obtain access, and we encourage and direct the relevant departments of the county to be vigorous in aiding the people of Richland County to that purpose.”

It also includes information that Richland County stands against appropriation for a door-to-door vaccination push. The Board of County Commissioners will make no assistance of county funds regardless of how acquired, on a door-to-door promotion of vaccinations or inquiries about vaccination status, or any activity in violation of HB 702 2021 Montana Legislature or Executive Order No. 7-2021. The Board of County Commissioners will devote no other county resources on a door-to-door promotion of vaccinations or inquiries about vaccination status.

The resolution also includes a statement of support for Governor Greg Gianforte, the sponsors of HB 702, and all Members of the Legislature of Montana who voted for HB 702 for the efforts they have made to protect the privacy, and equality of the people of Montana relating to vaccinations and encourage them to continue their efforts.


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