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2021 Fall Weed Forum

It is that time of year again! Last year in September, we held a fall weed forum incorporating specialists from NDSU Extension along with a local chemical rep. 2021 presented us with so much uncertainty that folks just don’t know what to do or expect anymore. One thing I do know is Extension will always be there for you and this year is no exception! We will again be hosting an in-person Weed Forum at the Extension Office Shop on Sept. 13, from 1:30-4:30 p.m. CT!

I have enlisted three specialists to help deliver informative presentations to you, the producer. I will be discussing Hoary Alyssum, a perennial that spreads easy and can be a nuisance in many areas. We have a large prevalence of it in McKenzie County and it does hold some toxicity to livestock. It isn’t widely recognized, but it is still a weed. Brian Jenks, North Central Research Extension Center Weed Scientist, will be talking on fall weed control practices and also weed control in dry conditions. We have also invited Dr. Joseph Ikley, NDSU Weed Scientist to join in the fun. He will be discussing residual carryover into next year with the uncertain and dry conditions. What may be our options for crop rotation if we do not get enough precipitation to effectively dilute out the residual herbicides applied? This topic will be well discussed!

We are hoping to also get some local chemical reps to join in on the conversation and give us some updates on what might be new or upcoming as far as pesticide control. To register for this event, you may call the McKenzie County Extension office at: 701-444-3451 or email Devan Leo, McKenzie County Extension Agent, at: [email protected]. There will be door prize drawings for those in attendance.

We hope to see many of you in attendance! Thank you to all of you that have weathered through this storm of uncertainty, continued to support your local businesses and above all, kept positive attitudes when nothing else seemed to matter. Keep up the good work and don’t ever be afraid to reach out and call us at the Extension office! We would love to hear from you!


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