Denowh & Vitt Elected Delegates For American Angus Convention

Two area ranchers and American Angus Association members, Chad Denowh and Dale Vitt have been selected as delegates for the 138th American Angus Association Convention of Delegates, Nov. 8 at Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX.

Denowh, Sidney, helps run Gartner~Denowh Angus Ranch, a family-run cattle operation. Denowh has been back on the ranch after graduating from Montana State University with a degree in livestock management in 2001. He started his own Angus operation in 2005, which he runs in conjunction with the GDAR herd. In 2014, Chad rented a ranch close to Blue Mountain Ranch and now runs some commercial cows along with his registered herd. GDAR-raised bulls have played important roles in the Angus breed.

Denowh said, “I’m happy to be a delegate this year. I am looking forward to taking part in electing the board members and networking with people that come to the convention from all across the country.”

Vitt, Fairview, runs Bar JV Angus, a family-operated cattle ranch located between Sidney and Culbertson on Hwy. 16. The ranch has been building its breeding program for over 46 years, selling private treaty until 2009 when it began annual production sales. Since 2006, Vitt and his wife, Jill, have been helping run the ranch. Bar JV Angus raises calves with a solid foundation of quality Angus genetics. The operation markets bulls annually at their bull sale in March selling 100 bulls, 100 Angus heifers and 20 Black Baldy heifers.

Denowh and Vitt are two of 306 Angus breeders who have been elected to serve as a representative at the annual meeting. American Angus Association delegates represent the United States and Canada and participate in business meetings and elect new officers and five directors to the American Angus Association Board.

The American Angus Association is the nation’s largest beef breed organization, serving nearly 25,000 members across the United States, Canada and several other countries.

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