Sidney Police Department Sees Sharp Increase In Compliance Related Offenses

The Sidney Police Department's (SPD) statistics have been unusual during the age of COVID-19; assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest offenses have increased compared to that of 2020. 

The 2021 statistics are mirroring 2020's in several ways, however, there have been changes both up and down in certain offenses/categories. 

SPD Chief of Police, Mark E. Kraft explained that the first 8 months of 2021 has seen nearly a 45% decrease in the instances of domestic violence compared to 2020. However, 2020 saw a spike in that particular category compared to previous years - including the offenses of Assault on a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, and Obstructing a Peace Officer, 2021.

Kraft said, "Through the first 8 months, we have seen significant increases that are out of the ordinary when you look at our 5-year averages."

Kraft is not sure what is causing the sharp increase; explaining that the law enforcement profession, nationally, has faced unprecedented scrutiny, criticism, and outright attacks in the last year. "While we are fortunate that we live in an area that is both supportive of its law enforcement and insulated from the rest of the country...perhaps some of the effects of this unfortunate narrative have begun seeping into our area."

In addition to this, there have been higher incidences of officers injured, officers out of work due to injury, increased overtime and training costs, increased stress and burnout, and decreased officer retention. Recruiting qualified individuals into law enforcement is also extremely difficult.

The SPD is still doing the best it can, dedicating themselves to protect the community and the members that live here. Kraft noted, "Despite the challenges we are facing, the members of the Sidney Police Department remain committed to providing the best possible service to the citizens of Sidney."


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