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Imagine the success of a Republican legislature that passed the first-of-its-kind bill against mandatory vaccinations in the United States, regularly touted jealously throughout all 50 states as the epitome of personal freedom, passed on a hail-Mary do-over at the last moment. Not only did the bill pass the legislature upon its reintroduction, it was a smashing success and signed by a Republican governor. The largest groups to oppose 702 were hospital executives with business degrees (not medical degrees) whose palms are greased with cash by federal and Big Pharma dollars to vaccinate as many people as possible

Imagine the uncertainty and personal torture of not knowing if you would be required to take a vaccine that is largely untested in any conventional way, with reports abounding of adverse side effects worse than the illness it’s designed to prevent. Imagine being forced by the Biden Administration or your employer to take that which is contrary to your conscience, being given no control over the chemicals injected into your body.

Imagine that the vaccine has proven itself largely unsuccessful in stopping the spread of the virus in either those who have taken it or those who have been in contact with those who have taken it. That’s the dystopian present of America in 49 states in the U.S. Montana fixed this with HB702, legislation we are proud to have passed.

And now imagine a former “Republican” legislator’s law firm suing the Republican Attorney General for legislation passed by a Republican majority in the state legislature and signed by a Republican governor. Imagine that law firm being based in Richland County, and a Richland County court deciding the matter before it eventually (and inevitably) being appealed in higher courts, no matter the ruling.

None of this is imaginative. Former Rep. Joel Krautter’s lawsuit wants to overturn HB702 allowing the forced vaccinations of Montanans. I am not anti-vax. But I am certainly anti-forced vaccinations, as are the majority or Richland County residents. Please leave us alone to decide for ourselves whether or not to serve as lab rats of Big Pharma.

Joel Krautter promised during his primary battles to listen to the constituency of Richland County. As with his vote for Medicaid Expansion, he has proven himself not true to his word. Should 702 be overturned, Atlas will shrug.

Simply put, Joel Krautter has proven himself absolutely uninterested in protecting the rights and interests of Richland County and not only removing him from office could stop him from doing damage to our county and possibly our entire state.

Let me speak for conservatives; we are tired of being forced to do things against our wishes. This is why primaries matter. This is why Brandon Ler won his campaign against Krautter. And Krautter’s willingness to sign on with Big Pharma against the clear and overwhelming majority of Richland County voters demonstrates why Conservatives for Richland County fought so hard to keep him from office and will continue to ensure that only actual conservatives are elected to the Republican ticket.

We will continue to be active in the future ensuring conservatives are elected to Republican primary spots because, as Krautter proves, not everyone claiming to be a conservative actually is. To reiterate, vaccinate if you want. And if you don’t want to, don’t. It’s America. It’s Montana. Freedom must always be valued above whatever incoherent, contradictory edicts are issued by the federal government.

Jordan D. Hall, Sidney, MT


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