Richland County Commissioner Mitchell Pens Letter To Senator Tester

Honorable Senator Jon Tester,

Thank you for all your keeping the interests of the citizens of Montana first and foremost in all your decisions while serving as a Senator from Montana.

Currently All Montanans are facing a critical situation because of the threatening mandate from our Federal Government. As one of the Richland County Commissioners I am on the Board of Eastern Montana Community Mental Health, which serves seventeen counties in eastern Montana. I also serve on the Board of Foundation for Community Care and know some of the employees at Sidney Health Center. There are a vast number of employees that are not in favor of the COVID vaccines for a number of reasons, and many that are opposed to the government mandating them to get a shot or lose their jobs. 

We teach our children that bullying isn’t correct and will not be tolerated, however the government thinks blackmail, coercion and threats are acceptable. How is it that a government that is by the people and for the people threatens the very people they are supposed to represent? 

Senator Tester, you know the difficulty families are working through each day; raising children to be responsible citizens, house and car payments, paying for groceries, and much more. They do not need to be in fear of losing their livelihood because they choose not to be vaccinated by a shot that has too many unknowns and too much misinformation.

We have many small businesses struggling to survive. They can’t take another hit, especially from our government. 

All Montanans NEED your help. Please speak to President Biden and his administration to STOP the vaccine mandate allowing the people the freedom we are to enjoy and make their own choices.

Thank you,


Duane Mitchell

Sidney, MT


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