Local Gymnasts Compete in Dickinson

The Sidney Gymnastics Girls Competitive Team competed at Dullum Qualifier, Dickinson, ND hosted by Western Edge Gymnastics Club on Saturday, Dec 4.

BGC competed gymnastics athletes at Level 3, Level 4, Level 6, Level 7, and Xcel Bronze. It's a rebuilding year for the BGC team, and they laid a great foundation for an incredible competition future.

Level 3 Team Results: 1st Dakota Star (Mandan) 105.75; 2nd Western Edge (Dickinson) 103.40; 3rd Western Stars (Williston) 101.33; 4th BGC 99.38; 5th Jamestown 95.75; 6th Gymmagic (Minot); 7th Sidney 92.35; Rebel (Minot) 79.35

Level 3 Badlands Top Ten Results:

Vault: 1st Tynlee Fahrman 9.350; 2nd Madison Kelly 9.250

Uneven Bars: 3rd Tynlee Farhman 8.450; 10th Eva Vicha 7.850

Balance Beam: 1st Madison Kelly 8.650; 2nd Tynlee Fahrman 8.400; 5th Eva Vicha 8.100

Floor Exercise: 2nd Tynlee Farhman 8.650; 7th Madison Kelly 7.425

All Around: 1st Tynlee Fahrman 34.850; 5th Madison Kelly 32.675; 10th Eva Vicha 31.250

Level 4 Team Results:

Level 4 Team Results were not available at the time of this report.

Level 4 Badlands Top Ten Results:

Vault: 4th Leonora Arnold 8.500; 8th Brooklyn Spotted Bear 8.300

Uneven Bars: 3rd Leonora Arnold 8.950; 5th Brooklyn Spotted Bear 8.250

Balance Beam: 6th Brooklyn Roscoe 8.400; 7th Leonora Arnold 8.350

Floor Exercise: 2nd Brooklyn Spotted Bear 8.500

All Around: 3rd Leonora Arnold 34.000; Brooklyn Spotted Bear 33.400

Level 6 Badlands Top 3 Results:

Vault: 3rd Sasha Stieg 8.375

Uneven Bars: 1st Sasha Stieg 8.550

All Around: 2nd Sasha Stieg 32.975

Level 7 Badlands Top 3 Results

Vault: 1st Caroline Dreffs 9.000

Uneven Bars: 1st Caroline Dreffs 7.875

Balance Beam: 1st Caroline Dreffs 8.500

Floor Exercise: 2nd Caroline Dreffs 9.175

All Around: 1st Caroline Dreffs 34.625

Xcel Bronze Team Results:

1st Western Edge 105.70; 2nd Northern Lights (Beulah) 105.50; 3rd Badlands 104.30; 4th Eastern Montana (Circle, MT)

Badlands Bronze Top Ten Results:

Vault: 1st Maci Rangen 9.500; 3rd Keagan Mell 9.200; 5th Maggie McDonnell 9.100; 6th Sierra Cowan 9.050

Uneven Bars: 4th Keegan Mell 8.700; 5th Sierra Cowan 8.650; 8th Maggie McDonnell 8.500

Balance Beam: 6th Maci Rangen 9.000; 10th Maggie McDonnell 8.900

Floor Exercise: 7th Maci Rangen 8.100; 9th Sierra Cowan 8.000

All Around: 5th Maci Rangen 34.850; 7th Keegan Mell 34.500; 8th Sierra Cowan 34.450; 10th Maggie McDonnell 34.100

Sophia Alvarez and Chesney Williams also competed Bronze for BGC.

The next competition for Badlands Gymnastics Club will be the Julie Ziegler Memorial qualifier January 14-16, 2022 in Mandan, ND.


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