2021 Harvest Bowl Celebrates County Agriculturists

NDSU Harvest Bowl program recognizes the success, dedication & hard work of outstanding agriculturists.

The success, dedication and hard work of outstanding agriculturists in 53 counties in North Dakota and 10 counties in Minnesota were honored during the 47th annual Harvest Bowl program at North Dakota State University on Nov. 19.

Information on the outstanding agriculturists listed by county is available at https://bit.ly/2021HBCountyBios, and photos are available at https://bit.ly/2021HBHonoreePhotos.

2021 Harvest Bowl honorees by county, name and city:

Adams - Jamie and Nikki Enerson, Hettinger, ND

Barnes - Jerry and Amy Noeske, Valley City, ND

Benson - Matt Gilbertson, Maddock, ND

Benson - Tom Gilbertson, Maddock, ND

Billings - Bob and Deb Hewson, Belfield, ND

Bottineau - Patrick and Amy Artz, Bottineau, ND

Bowman - James and Wanda Powell, Bowman, ND

Burke - Jerol Staael, Stanley, ND

Burleigh - Curtis and Karla Stanley, Bismarck, ND

Cass - Kevin and Betty Skunes, Arthur, ND

Cavalier - Michael and Beverly Dick, Munich, ND

Dickey - Collin and Kahri Finley, Oakes, ND

Divide - Andrew and Kirstie Grundstad, Ambrose, ND

Dunn - Weston and Teresa Dvorak, Manning, ND

Eddy - Todd and Karen Koepplin, New Rockford, ND

Emmons - James and Janel Silvernagel, Hazelton, ND

Foster - Nathan and Emily Spickler, Glenfield, ND

Golden Valley - Dr. Bill and Sue Tidball, Beach, ND

Grand Forks - Greg and Janet Amundson, Gilby, ND

Grant - Pete and Helen Hetle, Elgin, ND

Griggs - Bryan and Lauren Ressler, Cooperstown, ND

Hettinger - Scott and Laurie Monke, New England, ND

Kidder - Susan Eberl, Dawson, ND

LaMoure - Larry and Jodi Laney, Verona, ND

Logan - Brian and Mary Schneider, Napoleon, ND

McHenry - Kelly and Pamela Volochenko, Balfour, ND

McIntosh - Gary and Cindy Jenner, Ashley, ND

McKenzie - James Cross, Alexander, ND

McKenzie - Robert Cross, Alexander, ND

McKenzie - Rodney and Leah Cross, Alexander, ND

McLean - Brent and Theresa Petersen, Washburn, ND

Mercer - Nathan and Kristin Richter, Beulah, ND

Morton - Nathan and Heather Boehm, Mandan, ND

Mountrail - Doug Kinnoin, Stanley, ND

Nelson - Duane and Rebecca Flaagan, Pekin, ND

Oliver - David and Deb Berger, Center, ND

Pembina - Allen and Valerie Heuchert, St. Thomas, ND

Pembina - Carlton and Stacey Heuchert, St. Thomas, ND

Pembina - Elton and Renae Heuchert, St. Thomas, ND

Pierce - Lonnie and Carolyn Anderson, Rugby, ND

Ramsey - Bill and Deb Hodous, Devils Lake, ND

Ransom - Ronald and Terese Rotenberger, Milnor, ND

Renville - Josh and Kari Cook, Kenmare, ND

Richland - Paul and Stephanie Kuzel, Wyndmere, ND

Rolette - Scott and Kathy Bryant, St. John, ND

Sargent - Chris and Marsha Mathias, Stirum, ND

Sheridan - Curtis and Donna Hase, Anamoose, ND

Sioux - Charles and Ernesdean Murphy, Selfridge, ND

Slope - Stuart and Katie Dilse, Scranton, ND

Stark - L. J. and Janet Dohrmann, Taylor, ND

Steele -Michael and Bonnie Johnson, Galesburg, ND

Stutsman - Bernie and Shelly Wanzek, Courtenay, ND

Towner - Vic and Sherry Risovi, Cando, ND

Traill - Sarah and Jason Lovas, Hillsboro, ND

Walsh - Kenneth and Gail Beneda, Lankin, ND

Ward - Jay and Laurie Johnson, Burlington, ND

Wells - David and Chrissie Hager, Harvey, ND

Williams - John and Debby Salvevold, Williston, ND

Minnesota honorees by county, name and city:

Becker - Michael and Carol Lockhart, Ulen, MN

Clay - William and Elaine Austin, Barnesville, MN

Kittson - Dan and Diane Younggren, Hallock, MN

Mahnomen - Pat and Gina Noll, Mahnomen, MN

Marshall - Mike and Donna Drangstveit, Goodridge, MN

Norman - Anne Nalewaja and Steve Ruebke, Twin Valley, MN

Otter Tail - Mike and Jessica Metzger, Elizabeth, MN

Polk - Gary and Wendy Kircher, Fertile, MN

Traverse - Tom and Jane Vangsness Frisch, Dumont, MN

Wilkin - Jeremy and Karensa Tischer, Breckenridge, MN

An agribusiness award recipient also is chosen annually. This award recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of agriculture and business in North Dakota and beyond. This year's award recipient was Eddie Bernhardson, past Harvest Bowl chair and retired University of Minnesota Extension agent in Clay County. More Bernhardson information is available at https://bit.ly/2021HBAgriAward.

Several scholarships also were awarded to outstanding male and female athletes during Harvest Bowl. Scholarship winners and photos are available at https://bit.ly/2021HBAthletes.


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