MSU Alongside The Montana Wheat & Barley Committee Announce 4 New Crop Variety Releases To Public

Great Falls, MT – With support from the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (MWBC), four wheat and barley varieties developed by Montana State University (MSU) Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology were approved for public release during the annual stakeholders meeting held at the beginning of the year. 

Montana wheat and barley producers see their crop check-off investments come to fruition at this highly anticipated meeting when the Varietal Release Committee decides to release Montana cultivars. This year, the committee voted to include ‘MT’ in the naming of all new varieties released by MSU.

“This change will bring clarity at the seed dealer for producers looking to purchase Montana State developed varieties,” said Executive Vice President Cassidy Marn. “We are hopeful that it will continue to brand the highly successful public breeding program and improve the marketability of our genetics. Combining producer input, extensive agronomic trials and end use targets, these new varieties are a fit for your operation, and for our buyers around the world.”

The four new crop varieties released include:

• Spring Forage Barley: A cross between Lavina and CDC Cowboy resulted in the more reliable, harvest flexible “MT16F02902. A taller, high yielding, awn less forage with extended grain fill period that is certain to be widely adapted in the northern plains, Dr. Jamie Sherman is hopeful to name the new release “MT Cowgirl”. MT Cowgirl will bring common sense, reliability and profits to producers looking to plant this new release. Let’s face it, a farm doesn’t need a cowboy anymore. The “MT Cowgirl” has proven to be the backbone of the operation.

• Semi-Dwarf Spring Durum: MTD18313 is a spring durum with a pedigree of Alkabo/Brigade/Alzada/ Strongfield. MTD18313 has high yield potential under dryland environments, early heading and maturity, consistent high-test weight under dryland environments, normal cadmium content, fungal leaf spot tolerance, sawfly tolerance and straw strength, good semolina quality, average protein strength and a pasta color retention trait. This variety will look to be an excellent tool in the tool belt for eastern Montana producers who want to harvest durum earlier and tend to have lodging issues on the farm.

• Spring Durum: MTD18348 with a pedigree of Alzada/Strongfield//Brigade/Carpio. Favorable trails include very high yield potential, low grain cadmium accumulation, very high protein strength, excellent semolina quality, fungal leaf spot tolerance, good test weight, large seed size and high grain protein. MTD18348 is looking to rival the Golden Triangle mainstay of Alzada with superior yield and excellent pasta quality.

• Hard Red Winter Wheat: MTS18149 with a pedigree of the semi-solid variety Loma (MAES, 2016) to AAC Gateway [Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Lethbridge, Alberta), 2012]. Great yielding, improved winter hardiness and higher stem solidness than Loma, aluminum tolerance, and excellent end use characteristics. End users will be delighted to see high falling numbers, low PPO, high water absorption and strong mix times (7.1 Min). Look to see MTS18149 be desirable for northern Warhorse and Loma producers as it out yields and has better stem solidness. Northern Golden Triangle winter wheat producers are recommended to give MTS18149 a try. 

The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee promotes local research and market development around the world, and develops superior plant varieties and best farm practices for generations to come. Visit to learn more.


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