"Tommy Moose" Doll Presentation

"Tommy Moose" is one of the "Heart of the Community" Programs by Moose International that Sidney Moose Lodge 856 and Chapter 761 participate in. They recently donated one case of "Tommy Moose" to the Sidney Health Center Emergency Room and Richland County Ambulance Service. Other organizations having "Tommy Moose" are the Sidney Police Department, Richland County Sheriff Department, Richland County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Matthew House, and Richland County Fire Departments.

"Tommy Moose" is a soft, cuddly Moose doll. It is given to children who are experiencing stressful or traumatic situations. It calms them and takes their attention away from the situation. Sidney Moose Lodge and Chapter has donated the "Tommy Moose" coloring books to children attending our Annual Treasure Egg Hunt in September and Halloween Bags at our Annual Halloween Carnival. Local libraries have received "Tommy Moose" bookmarks. Remember to look for "Tommy Moose" at the Annual Parade of Lights in November.


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