Davis Recognized As Extended Care Resident Of The Year

Sidney - Sidney Health Center Extended Care recently named Billie "Snoball" Davis the 2021 Resident of the Year. Billie, better known as Snoball, was honored at a celebration on Thursday, Feb. 24 in the dining room at Extended Care. Family, friends and staff gathered to celebrate the occasion with a brief program including a cake in his honor and refreshments.

Snoball has called Extended Care his home for more than 13 years. Not a lot of information about Snoball's early years is known, but he is considered a legend in Sidney and many people around town recognize the name when it's brought up. Snoball started off in the area working for Oakley Dayton with bulls and rodeo stock and was a familiar face at Sadie's restaurant.

His friend, Ray Fettig had shared the following story, "In 1953, a young man who goes by Bill Davis joined the family in my care. He was given the nickname of "Snoball" as the barrel man during Fettig Bros. Rodeos bull riding. Snoball was a tough fella from the south, humorous around children and a good idol. In Dec. 1972, at 34 below zero, together we journeyed 650 head of cattle from North Dakota to Montana in 18 days."

It is not known how old Snoball is. A former stockyard employee assisted Snoball in getting signed up for social security so he could start working at the stockyards. They decided on his name and gave him the birthdate of Nov. 14. According to this birthdate he is 91, but friends and staff suspect that he may be older.

Through quality nursing care, activities, self-improvement, and friendships, Extended Care proves there is more to aging than growing old. The goal is to show others how companion animals, the opportunity to care for other living things, and the variety and spontaneity that mark an enlivened environment can succeed where pills and therapies fail. In short, Sidney Health Center Extended Care believes:

• Aging is a natural and normal life process

• Aging should not limit a person's right to experience life to its fullest

• People should be able to live their life at their highest level of health, independence, and well-being

Often, people feel more comfortable in surroundings that meet their individual needs for friendships and activities, as well as safety. In striving to meet each individual's unique and specific needs, Extended Care offers specialized environments with specialized staff.

For more information about the services that Sidney Health Center Extended Care offers, visit our website at SidneyHealth.org/Extended-Care or call 406-488-2300.


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