Richland County Special Planning Board Meetings To Be Held, First Since 2020

Tuesday, May 24, and Wednesday, May 25, will be the first time the Richland County Planning Board has met since January,2020.

Both meetings will be held in the Nutter Building conference room, 123 West Main St., Sidney.

The meeting is long overdue. The planning board is mandated to meet four times a year but, like so many other things, their usual plans were disrupted by COVID-19. January, April, July, and October are the months they usually meet but the Governor’s directive made it so that local governments did not need to follow certain deadlines provided in state law and regulations. Between the directive and the lack of business that required planning board attention because of it, the planning board did not resume regular meetings until the board was fully reappointed due largely to expired terms.

The first meeting Tuesday starts at 7 p.m. It will consist of elections, comments on the elections, and swearing-in of new members. They will have petitions and communications from the audience as well. Then there will be time for the disclosure of any conflicts of interest, general discussion of planning activities, an update from Contract Planner Joel Nelson, Land Solutions, LLC, and reports from the planning board committees. The meeting the next day starts much earlier, at 1 p.m. After the swearing-in of new members who were not at the first meeting and public comments, will have the usual disclosure of any conflicts of interest, then a training by MACo Counsel Karen Alley and Contract Planner Joel Nelson. The training will be on ethics, ex parte communications, public participation, 2021 land use updates, and the subdivision review process. Nelson will give a mock subdivision review and the training will be wrapped up.

Anyone is welcome to attend.


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