Allcheck Medical Clinic Health Fair Sidney, June 8


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On Wednesday, June 8 from 6 a.m.-1 p.m., Allcheck Medical Clinic in conjunction with Billings Clinic Laboratory Services will be holding their 2nd health fair of 2022.

June 8 is the second time Allcheck Medical Clinic has ever done a health fair. They held the first one back in January. As before, participants come to Allcheck Medical Clinc the day of the event and register with Billings Clinic Laboratory Services staff at the front desk. The testing is walk-in with no appointment needed. There they can choose any number of the 12 different blood tests running in price from the Complete Blood Count at $15 to the Women's Hormone Panel at $90 with a blood pressure taken for free. Participants will be escorted to the drive-thru garage and seated in one of the blood draw chairs they will have for the event where the amount of blood needed for the selected tests will be drawn. The blood will be taken back to Billings Clinic Laboratory Services, Billings where it will be tested for different markers that may indicate a health concern or disease. The results are sent directly to the participant and they are responsible for getting them to their primary care provider. All the tests are fasting, meaning that the participant must refrain from eating any food starting at midnight before the Health Fair. They may drink water and take their medications, though. Allcheck Medical Clinic owner, Janette McCollum told me the health fairs are to benefit individuals in the community. She said, "It's such a great cost saver through Billings Clinic Laboratory Services." Due to the cost of each test being so low, health insurance will not cover the tests.

Allcheck Medical Clinic Primary Care Facility opened in June 2021. They are located at 223 North Central Ave., Sidney. They can be contacted by phone at 406-488-5500 for regular appointments.


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