F5 Project Comes to Watford City

Watford City welcomed the representatives of a non-profit called the F5 Project to present their program and the benefits it could have in the community.

COO, Scott College and CEO/Founder Adam Martin, F5 Project, met with people from all around Watford City on Wednesday, June 18, 12:30–2 p.m. at Stone Home on Fox Hills Parkway to discuss how Join F5 could serve the community as a whole and individual community members.

The event was specific to some new program changes for the F5 Project They have separated the former inmates from jails and prisons in homes. Only people who were in prison can be in certain homes and those who were in jail, the other homes. F5 is also launching a new outpatient treatment program. College and Martin are both very passionate about what they are doing. College said, “We will plan to expand across the state, asking every person to take a chance so we can give every person a chance. “

The F5 Project was started in 2016. The members from the start have been trying to make changes in the criminal justice system. It was developed by ex-convicts to assist those who are incarcerated or in recovery to reintegrate when they rejoin society. They start by finding inmates who are interested in trying their program. F5 members help the inmates plan for when they are released, apply for jobs, and acquire new skills.

When the participants are released, the project has homes in six different cities to help them transition with affordable housing. They also offer transportation in certain situations and cell phones. Most important of all, they offer support from peers, community, and a helping hand from people who have been there. The F5 Project has been 100% privately funded from the start and continues to be so.


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