Summer Blooming Perennial Plants

With summer in full swing, the enjoyment of the outdoors should be something that we all should take time for. While you're out and about enjoying the outdoors, take some time to observe some things you may see happening in the landscape this summer. In this article, I'll outline some of my favorite "summer blooming" perennial plants by the estimated months that they should be in bloom.

Summer beginning in mid-June usually brings the familiar plant friends such as Bee Balm, Goatsbeard, Salvias, Astilbe, Veronica, and most "all summer" "biennial" plants into bloom. Favorites of the garden in shades of pinks to purples are Bee Balm, Salvia, and Veronica. One of my personal favorites is the Royal Candles Veronica or Speedwell it is also called. Tall purple flower spikes adorn this plant through most of the month of June and can often return in late summer if the plant is cut back after flowering.

The month of July is usually a sign to "Bring on the Heat." Hot-colored flowering perennials such as Daylilies are usually in full bloom around the 4th of July. Also, look for Bee Balm to be finishing up its display in early July.  In addition to Daylilies, the ever-popular Milkweed or Asclepias is beginning its bright Orange flowers around this time.  A known food source for the Monarch butterfly larvae, Asclepias is often known also as "butterfly weed".  The striped yellow, white, and black larvae can often be found feeding on the nectar from these flowers.  

If the heat isn't your thing, shade-loving perennials may be more your suit. Look for the Chinese astilbe to be starting their show. Astilbe chinensis blooms roughly two or three weeks later than the Japanese astilbe. Astilbe have blooms from white to red and many shades in between. Foliage options for shade, such as hosta really begin to look stunning during the month of July.

With the month of August comes a sign that cooler temperatures may be in our future. While that may be true, there are still many things to look forward to in our summer landscape. From tall "Garden Phlox" to bright colors such as Rudbeckia or black-eyed Susan, there are many late summer blooming plants that can be very striking. Also included in this month would be items such as Autumn Joy Sedum and Russian Sage. Many ornamental grasses take this time to really "look their best" also. This month may also mean a return of rebloomers such as the Veronica from the month of June as well as Gaillardia and some of the dwarf Daylilies such as the ever-popular Stella de Oro.

I really enjoy perennial plants. Perhaps what I enjoy the most about them is the fascination I have with their timeliness. I can reliably expect to see my "old friends" getting excited about life at the same time each year. Walking up to that plant and looking for evidence of blooms at the appropriate time often brings me joy. The anticipation of what will be next is always something to get excited about in life. Though catalogs and research resources such as Google have made it possible for us to enjoy, through pictures, these stunning plants at any time of year, there is nothing quite like seeing that flower "in person".

I hope you've enjoyed this imaginative stroll through the landscape with me. If you're looking to improve your outdoor or indoor space by introducing plants, we're here to help! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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