Dr. Kalb To Give Summer Lawn & Garden Tips After WREC Field Tour July 13

After the Williston Research Extension Center's Dryland Field Tour, Dr. Tom Kalb will be presenting information on how to maintain an attractive lawn and a flourishing garden.

Dr. Kalb is an Extension horticulturist and horticulture educator at North Dakota State University. He received his Ph.D. in horticulture at Virginia Tech.

NDSU scientists have researched several ways on how to best manage your lawn and garden. Weeds are one of the most troublesome factors to a garden and yard. Homeowners may see a variety of broadleaf weeds, with dandelions being the most common, throughout their landscape. To get rid of these weeds, homeowners may have to spend money on broadleaf herbicide, but other forms of weed control can be implemented.

General nonchemical control of lawn weeds include mowing high, postponing dethatching and power raking until the grass is growing actively and weed seed germination would be at a minimum, avoiding feralization when grass is dormant, and hold off irrigating as long as you can in the spring. If you do use herbicide, try and avoid "revenge spraying," which is over applying the herbicide in an attempt to kill the weeds faster. And if you want to kill weeds with chemicals, without spending a bunch of money, do it when weeds are most vulnerable, which is in mid- to-late September.

For healthy and fruitful gardens, make sure vegetables are in a sunny spot, planted in a stable place where they are blocked from harsh winds. If your garden has poorly drained soil, plant your vegetables in a raised bed or raised row for improved drainage – this will prevent root rot and will interfere with root growth. Another factor to making sure you have a healthy garden is to make sure your soil feeds your plants. If you have nutrient-poor soil, you'll have weak, unhealthy plants. It is best to mix in plenty of organic matter to help your plants grow.

For more information and advice on how to take care of your lawn and garden this summer, attend Dr. Kalb's talk at the WREC Dryland Field Day, July 13.


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