Weed Scientist Dr. Shergill To Speak At EARC Field Day

Dr. Lovreet Shergill, MSU Southern Agricultural Research Center weed scientist, will present a talk about herbicide resistant weeds and cultural and chemical methods to control the herbicide resistant at 10:45 a.m.

Shergill’s research interests lie in investigating crop-weed dynamics in different cropping systems to improve weed management and crop productivity. He said “My research primarily focuses on understanding herbicide resistance, weed biology and ecology, and integrated weed management.”

He was born and raised in India, where he received his Master’s in agronomy. He received his PhD in Adelaide, Australia and has worked across the United States developing resistant weed management tactics.

The primary goal of his research is to address the ever-increasing problem of herbicide-resistant weeds by developing integrated weed management (IWM) programs that include a mixture of chemical methods such as residual herbicides, and herbicide mixtures with effective SOA, cultural methods such as crop-weed competition, crop rotations, and cover crops, and mechanical methods such as tillage, and harvest weed-seed control (HWSC) tactics.

Shergill has performed research on concerns about weeds becoming resistant to HWSC. His research results showed that growers have to be integrated into large-scale, on-farm research and development activities aimed at alleviating the problems of using HWSC systems and drive greater adoption subsequently.


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