General Surgeon, Dr. Paul Dearing, To Offer Wide Range Of Services

McKenzie County Healthcare Systems (MCHS) welcomes Dr. Paul Dearing, general surgeon, to the team! Dr. Dearing specializes in surgical treatment of bowel blockages, hemorrhoids, hernias, gall bladders, foreign body removal, colonoscopies, endoscopies, tumors, initial trauma management, and lumps and bumps. He will be providing services one to two weeks per month for both adult and pediatric patients. Dr. Dearing completed his internship and residency at UND. He feels as if he has come full circle in his career now returning to the state that trained him.

In addition to being an excellent surgeon, he climbs mountains for fun. A fan of the great outdoors, he has successfully climbed all 58 – 14'ers in Colorado and is now tackling the Idaho 12'ers. Hiking, downhill skiing, and appreciating blue skies and fresh air are things you can find Dr. Dearing doing when not working with patients. Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Dearing has practiced medicine in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, Texas, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

He and his wife, Roopa, will be celebrating 41 years of marriage soon. Roopa formerly served as a nurse, and together they have provided care to patients for many years. They fondly recall their early years in North Dakota where Dr. Dearing received his medical training. In fact, Dr. Dearing has maintained his North Dakota medical license for 32 years while practicing across the Midwest. Friendships and fond memories pull at their heartstrings as Dr. Dearing returns to North Dakota to provide care. When asked why he loves medicine, Dr. Dearing said, "I enjoy interaction with patients and working to alleviate issues that are causing them pain and discomfort."

MCHS is elated to have Dr. Dearing's talent on the team. He has a wide breadth of surgical experience and an impeccable skillset in patient relations.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dearing for any of your needs, please call 701-444-8730. Certainly, if you visit our Emergency Department for unexpected surgical needs, Dr. Dearing may be the surgeon on call to provide your treatment.


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