Sidney Health Center's Rehabilitation Services Moves Into New Location

Sidney, MT - Sidney Health Center's rehabilitation services including cardiac and pulmonary rehab moved into a newly remodeled space the week of July 11. Both departments are now located on 12th Ave. SW directly behind the Medical Arts Building and north of the Emergency Department parking lot on the Sidney Health Center campus.

The new construction features a private outside entrance, large windows, and a spacious workout area for patients who have been referred to one of the rehabilitation programs including physical, occupational, speech, or cardiac and pulmonary services.

In line with Sidney Health Center's strategic plan, the need to relocate the rehabilitation services became evident as building improvements and future projects were identified to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. In the last year, the rehabilitation program has continued to grow with the successful recruit of additional physical therapists, a full-time speech therapist, and the new aquatic therapy service. The move not only accommodates the growth of these programs but makes room for expansion in other areas.

"One of the challenges at Sidney Health Center is that our facility is land-locked," stated Jen Doty, Sidney Health Center CEO. "We have to be creative in planning for the future and phase our projects accordingly. At some point, our plan is to renovate the Obstetrics wing of the hospital. The first step was to relocate the rehab department to make room for a pending expansion within the next few years."

To get a first-hand look at the renovated area, the Foundation for Community Care is hosting a Hard Hat Tour on Tuesday, July 26. Tickets are available online or at the Foundation for $100 per person. The exclusive event starts at the Foundation with a social hour from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Busses will then take guests on a tour of three Sidney Health Center services including the new Rehab location, the Cancer Care Center with upcoming changes and to see the Care Flight plane funded in part by the Foundation.

As indicated, Sidney Health Center continues to evaluate, plan and prioritize the building improvements based on its mission, vision and values.

In harmony with Sidney Health Center's mission, the rehabilitation staff prides itself on a compassionate and caring approach to patient care while helping clients achieve goals related to optimizing recovery, maximizing functional independence, and enhancing comfort levels. In this way, the Rehabilitation Services helps you achieve your highest level of health and well-being.

Rehabilitation Services treat patients with various musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic, systemic, genetic, integumentary, and general medical problems through the lifespan from newborns to geriatric clientele.

On the other hand, cardiac rehabilitation is for individuals who are recovering from a heart attack or related heart condition. It is a comprehensive exercise, education, and behavioral modification program designed to improve the physical and emotional condition of patients with heart disease. Components of the program vary by individual need and are constructed to meet those needs.

To learn more about these programs, visit the Sidney Health Center website at The Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Departments are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


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