Trzinski Returns To Richland Co. Farmer's Market

Richland County's first Farmer's Market of 2022 took place in the Sidney/Richland County Library and Historic Richland County Courthouse parking lot July 9 from 7:30 a.m.-noon.

Six different vendors both repeat and newcomers were present selling their wares.

The Richland County Farmer's Market has been happening for over 25 years. This is the 7th year it has been held in the library/courthouse parking lot. Before that it had been held in several different places from year to year. Donna Trzinski has been attending the Richland County Farmer's Market for many years. She has records of coming to the farmer's market for 22 years but figures she has been doing it longer. So early in the growing season, her produce was limited to kale, chard, onions, dill, and a few surprise cabbages. She also offered eggs, a few houseplants, and a wealth of denim and crocheted crafts.

Like almost all of the vendors at the farmer's market who were selling produce, she promises more variety as the summer goes on. She has a green thumb and loves to garden and sell at the farmer's market mostly to sell extra produce. She loves to quilt and do other crafts between growing seasons when nothing will grow. Donna said, "My grandmother was a quilter and started my fascination with quilting." While her grandmother used polyester, however, Donna uses a lot of second-hand denim. She has homemade quilts, pillows, bags, grocery bag storage bags, hot pads, plant hangers, angels, and scrubbies. She even has play tutus for toddlers.

She started this as just a hobby. She and her late husband gardened regularly. When he passed, she continued on and now the farmer's market is her summer job. She also attends a few bazaars in the off-season to sell her denim and crocheted crafts. She gets ideas everywhere for her crafted items. Her family and friends will show her things to try. People in her area even bring her used jeans for her use. She is thankful for it all and enjoys the interactions with her customers and hopes to continue at the Richland County Farmer's Market for many years to come.


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