Richland County Fair Culinary Department, Where Bakers & Preservers Can Show Their Goods

Amid the rodeo, performances, booths, displays, and 4-H animals it can be easy to miss the other exhibits. In the commercial building on the far east side of the fairgrounds is Department G, Culinary.

The Culinary department includes 20 different classes within two different divisions of all kinds of creations. Division A is for baked goods. Class 1 is for bread. Class 2 is for cake. Class 3 is for decorated cakes. Class 4 is for cookies. Class 5 is for fried pastries. Class 6 is for pastries. Class 7 is for pastries from other nations. Class 8 is for candies. Class 9 is for quick baking goods. Class 10 is for Pinterest and internet inspirations. Class Y is for food and baked goods by kids aged 15 and under. Division B is for preserved or canned foods. Class 1 is for canned vegetables. Class 2 is for canned fruit. Class 3 is for jellies. Class 4 is for jams and marmalade. Class 5 is for pickles. Class 6 is for preserved meats. Class 7 is for baby food. Class 8 is for dehydrated foods. Class 9 is for beers and wines. All classes except Class Y will award first prize with $5, second place with $4, and third place with $3. First place for Class Y will win $3, second place will win $2, and third will win $1. More information can be found in the 2022 Richland County Fair and Rodeo Premium book or by contacting the fair office at 406-433-2801.

Kellee Goetz is the superintendent of the Culinary department. This will be her third year as superintendent of the Culinary department but she has helped in it for around eight. She moved here from California and works a normal 9-5 job over most of the year. Goetz’s friend was the superintendent before she moved and Goetz got promoted. While helping her friend over the years she learned how to do the job. As superintendent of the Culinary department, Goetz preps the space for entries, answers questions, keeps the judge’s book, sorts the entries, decides what to put in the fair book, and sits in the commercial building at the department. Someone must be at the department display from the moment the building opens until closing. Goetz said, “I absolutely love seeing the homesteading of our area. The entire building showcases this, from the growth of plants to the canning and baking, even with the making of clothes and crafts. I just love this part of the fair.”


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