Sorenson Hopes To End 2022 Season With A Win

Thirteen-year-old Matthew Sorenson, Williston, has been racing his No. 110 slingshot car for the past two seasons. This year, he has high hopes of winning the Slingshot Track Champion title at the Williston Basin Speedway.

"This year I would like to win track champion and I am in second for points so I need to win like two races and then I could be track champion," said Sorenson.

Growing up, Sorenson always knew that he was destined for the race track. He recalls his dad telling him stories about when he used to race and how much fun it would be for Sorenson to race. "I really wanted to race so after about 4 years of begging my dad to get me a car, he finally got me one and it has kind of just took off from there. We got the car and tuned it in to where I wanted it to be and now it is really fast."

With the help of family and friends, Sorenson dedicates a lot of time and hard work to maintaining his race car and racing. "We put a lot of work into my race car; it is something that my dad and I love to do together, and I have been around racing my whole life and I am really proud to be a race car driver."

Sorenson's favorite thing about racing is the adrenaline rush he gets when going fast. "When you are racing you get this feeling deep down in your gut about how fun it is and how much you enjoy the sport, and you just zone out. I love competing, but the speed is what makes it the most fun."

Sorenson looks forward to moving up to the IMCA Hobby Stock class next year. He is excited to test out new setups and be able to race the entire track instead of just the bottom and middle.

Next year, Sorenson is also looking forward to racing at more tracks. "I plan to race all over in the big races when I move up to Hobby Stocks."

His next race will be at the Williston Basin Speedway, Saturday, Aug. 13. He said, "I am hoping to compete with one of my buddies and win it."


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