Wild Calf Coffee Creates A Special Blend For SHC


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Starting in 2022, a local coffee roasting company, Wild Calf, created a special blend of dark roast to help support Sidney Health Care.

“They approached us and wanted us to make a custom blend called jet fuel,” said owner Sara Harmon.

Wild Calf is a coffee roasting company that roasts high-quality, specialty-grade, green coffee beans. The business is owned and operated by Sara and her husband Dustin Harmon, located on 6013 Road 1011, Bainville.

“In a rural area it’s hard to get your name out, so we thought it was great when Sidney Health Care reached out to us about our coffee.”

The special blend of coffee is called Jet Fuel and is unique to Sidney Health Care, as you can’t find it anywhere else.

“Coffee company’s try to reach out and have a cause and we have always tried to be supportive of our local communites and to help where it is needed in this area.”

Wild Calf Coffee is sold across the area in stores in across Montana and North Dakota, and at all Reynolds Market locations. Wild Calf coffee can also be found in Nebraska and Washington D.C.

Wild Calf sells several different roasts of coffee, k-cups, and ready-to-drink iced coffee beverages.

They roast several kinds of beans with consistency and high quality. They do this with a 12-kilo roaster made in Germany that can roast up to 22 lbs. at a time. Each roast takes about 14 minutes, and then the beans are dropped into a cooling tray for a few minutes to cool down until they go through a destoner to remove any stones. The beans are then loaded into a net-weigher for bagging and then sealed.

“We have a continuous process to keep the beans fresh,” said Harmon.

Harmon added that the company is incredibly thankful for the support that has been given by the surrounding communities and friends. Be sure to check out their website http://www.wildcalf.com for more information on Wild Calf products.


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