McKenzie County Supporting Veterans Through ND Cares Initiative

When driving around McKenzie County, you will see signs that say "ND Cares" with a yellow ribbon. These signs are a reminder to veterans that, if they are struggling, there are resources and help available to them in the county.

"McKenzie County and the incorporated towns of Watford City, Arnegard and Alexander all want our veterans who live and work here in McKenzie County to know that we care about them," said Karolin Jappe, McKenzie County Emergency Management Emergency Manager.

ND Cares is a coalition dedicated to strengthening an accessible, seamless network of support for service members, veterans, families, and survivors. McKenzie County has been a part of this coalition since 2016.

Twenty-two veterans lose their battle to post traumatic stress on American soil, which is one veteran every 65 minutes -according to the Military Veteran Project.

Recently the County has lost some of its veterans, which prompted Jappe to go to Alexander, Arnegard and McKenzie County to see if they would allow her to work with ND Cares to post signs on each entrance into all its incorporated cities, 2 additional signs in Watford City, and signs for each McKenzie County sign as you enter the County.

With the approval of the City Council and Board of County Commissioners, Jappe received all the additional ND Cares signs and turned them over to ND DOT to be put up around the area.

McKenzie County is home to 871 veterans and Jappe wants every one of them to know that North Dakota cares. "We want veterans to know how much we truly care. We hope they see that yellow ribbon and know that if they are struggling in any way that they can reach out to any county in North Dakota and get help."

Veterans can reach out to any county courthouse to connect with McKenzie County Veterans Service Officer, Mark Honstein who helps veterans in McKenzie County get assistance.

ND Cares is set to present in Alexander at their next City Council meeting, Sept. 7. ND Cares individuals will present the City Council with a certificate, letting them know how grateful they are for allowing the ND Care signs to be placed on their city entrance signs. Anyone is welcome to attend.

"We lose so many veterans to suicide and these are the men and women who have fought for our Country. I honor and respect them and it hurts to know that we are not doing something right in this Country to be able to support them better when they get back from their missions or war."

For information on veteran resources, visit or


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