Cold Weather Storage Of Pesticides

As the input costs of chemical applications are high, it is important to ensure chemical formulations remain accurate and effective by properly storing chemicals during the cold months ahead.

In general, pesticides should be stored in a cool, dry place. They should be stored away from areas that have extreme temperature fluctuations, ignition sources, and away from feed, food, animals, and children. Pesticides should also always be kept stored in their original containers.

It is always important to read the pesticide product label to determine if a pesticide can be frozen without adverse impacts. Often times when a chemical is frozen, the active ingredients separate from the inert ingredients. Previously frozen pesticides can have poor performance and/or damage crops and can plug spray equipment, making proper storage important to avoid such complications. In the “Storage and Disposal” section of the product label, precautions and precise storage information will be listed. This section will list if the product can be frozen or not and the proper temperatures to store the product in.

If you have any questions regarding pesticide cold storage, call the MSU Richland County Extension Office at 406-433-1206 or [email protected].


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