Fort Peck Fall Release Reductions Start

Omaha, NE - Planned release reductions from Fort Peck Dam will begin the end of this week.

The release schedule for Sept. 28 is 8,000 cfs and will be stepped down to 4,000 cfs by Oct. 2.

"We delayed release reductions until the end of September. This provided more irrigation reliability at the end of the growing season. The action had minimal impacts in the upper basin, no impacts on the Missouri River Mainstem Reservoir System's overall ability to meet its authorized purposes and no impacts to total system storage," said John Remus, Missouri River Basin Water Management Division Chief.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers understands the important role of the Missouri River in providing water for irrigation, municipal, and industrial uses throughout the basin. Operating the System to meet all the water supply needs of the basin to the extent reasonably possible is the USACE goal. However, the USACE does not provide and cannot guarantee access to the water. Maintaining access to the water is the individual facility owner/operator's responsibility.

Current release information from Fort Peck Dam can be followed here:


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