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The Montana Supreme Court has gone rogue. They don’t think they are accountable to anyone. They run as “non-partisan” candidates, so the voters don’t know their true political views. They don’t even run as conservative or liberal. Except for one candidate—James Brown, the only constitutional conservative candidate for the Montana Supreme Court.

James Brown has spent his entire career fighting for Montana’s small business owners and agriculture producers and protecting Montana jobs. His opponent, however, has a F rating with the Montana Chamber of Commerce. James Brown stands proudly with law enforcement and will always protect the 2nd Amendment. His opponent is soft on crime, pro-criminal and a threat to our 2nd Amendment rights.

Brown’s opponent even campaigns falsely. She asks to be re-elected when, in fact, she wasn’t elected in the first place. She was appointed by a former, very liberal, Governor. If she would fudge on that what else would she fudge on?

I have known James Brown for several years. James has a private law firm and has clients all across Montana. He is also Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

Visiting with James Brown, you will find him intelligent (having received a double degree from U of M, a law degree from the Seattle University School of Law, and a Masters in Tax Law from the University of Washington) and articulate, as well as very personable.

Please join me in supporting a constitutional candidate for the Montana Supreme Court, James Brown.

Beth Hinebauch, Wibaux, MT


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