"Battle Of The Bands" Is Coming To Sidney Oct. 22

As the school year kicks off, community events, outside of school activities begin to dwindle. The Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture is excited to bring in something for the adults, the “Battle of the Bands”.

On Oct. 22, the Sidney Chamber is bringing “Battle of the Bands” to the Richland County Event Center. “Stolen Roan”, Miles City; “Time in the Saddle”, Colstrip; “Plowed Under Band”, Havre; “Exit 53”, Hardin; and “Kansas Fried Chicken”, Glendive, will all be competing for the title of the best band in the Bakken. Each band will play two 30-minute sets. Attendees will vote for their favorite by placing tips in a tip jar in front of each band. The band with the most tips wins. The doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and, starting at 6 p.m., the battle begins. Richland Rangers will be running concessions as a fundraiser for the upcoming hockey season, so no need to eat before jammin’ out!

The staff of the Sidney Chamber of Commerce is constantly on the lookout for innovative and fun events to bring people into the Sidney area and for those of us who are already here. Katie Dasinger, Chamber’s Programs Director, said, “We are thankful for the “Battle of the Bands” Committee for putting in all this hard work to create a fantastic new community event.” Please, keep an eye on the Sidney Chamber’s Facebook page for updates, band introductions, and other exciting events.

There are many sponsorship opportunities still available through contacting the Chamber. Also, tickets are on sale and can be purchased at the Chamber and online for $50.


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