Marc Steinberg Art Exhibit & Class Coming to Sidney-Richland County Library

Sidney - The Sidney-Richland County Library is honored to exhibit the work of Marc Steinberg. The exhibit is the result of a partnership of the Montana State Library and Marc and Debbie Steinberg. Marc Steinberg was a Missoula resident and retired doctor who served the White Sulphur Springs area for many years. Marc was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2020. Although he had never painted before, Marc's wife Debbie urged him to try artwork. He took up painting as a way to cope and created this art exhibit. During an interview in 2021 Marc stated that "art made him feel more like a person". A complete artist's statement and biography are included. The exhibit will be on display on the main floor of the Library until the end of the year.

SRCL will also host a class on Tuesday, Nov. 15, from 5-7 p.m. Guest speaker, Beth Ammons, MD, will be visiting with the group via Zoom. Beth is a retired palliative health care worker and current Alzheimer's/Dementia advocate.

Beth and Marc worked together after his diagnosis. The class is open to everyone. Library Director Kelly Reisig explains that "the purpose of this class is two-fold. We hope to have any patients and their families who would like to participate. We would also like to use this opportunity to raise awareness and education on Alzheimer's and Dementia".


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