'Losing Sight': New Talking Health In The 406 Podcast Released

In Montana, 5% of adults are blind or have low vision. The obstacles of living in a world without vision can feel insurmountable, from trying to navigate one's outdoor surroundings to purchasing a bag of chips at a grocery store.

Yet, many thrive and live great lives with little or no sight.

In the newest series of episodes from DPHHS Talking Health in the 406 podcast, guest Jacob Krissovich shares his story of life without sight. Born with normal vision, Krissovich began to lose vision in his early teens and became completely blind in his thirties. This transformation completely changed his life and the lives of his loved ones.

Through Jacob's story, the podcast series dives into the mental health struggles associated with losing vision. It also asks the awkward questions many may wonder about. The final episode of the series focuses on Fife, Jacob's guide dog. This companion has been key in allowing Jacob to live an active life.

"Vision impairment or loss is a subject that touches all age groups," says host Jennifer Van Syckle, a health education specialist with the DPHHS Public Health and Safety Division. "Whether it happens slowly, as was the case with Jacob, or quickly through trauma or stroke, we may all know someone trying to live and enjoy their life without optimal sight."

The podcasts are told in a story-based format and include a variety of life lessons. The three-part series is now available wherever you listen to podcasts. For more information, or to listen in, visit http://TalkingHealthInThe406.mt.gov.


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