Dr. Manbir Rakkar To Present 'Getting More Bang For Your Fertilizer Buck' At Ag Days

Dr. Manbir Rakkar will be presenting ‘Getting more Bang for Your Fertilizer Buck’ on Friday, March 3 during the MonDak Ag Days & Trade Show in Sidney at the Richland County Event Center.

Rakkar’s research aims to resolve soil issues using inter-disciplinary approaches. Currently, she is focused on preventing, mitigating and adapting to soil acidification in Montana.

The first part of the presentation will address how to put more nutrients in crops and keep the remainder in the root zone to help increase profits. In 2022 fertilizer costs hit record highs, in part because of the war in Ukraine, as Russia produces a substantial amount of fertilizer and supply and demand started to shift.

The second part of the presentation will discuss ways to keep soil from becoming too acidic.

If nutrients can be kept in the root zone, less fertilizer is needed, which reduces the acidity of the soil overall producing healthier, more cost effective crops.

The MonDak Ag Days & Trade Show is held each year to introduce the latest technology in agriculture and provide education on pertinent ag-related issues. It is a Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture event and will be held March 2 and 3. A banquet dinner starts at 6 p.m. at the Sidney Elks Lodge, with a pre-banquet social beginning at 5 p.m. For more information, or to purchase banquet tickets, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/mondakagdays.


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