MonDak Ag Days – Prussic Acid & Nitrates In Forages

Marley Manoukian, MSU Richland County Extension Agent will be giving a presentation on Prussic Acid & Nitrates in Forages during MonDak Ag Days’ educational program. Prussic acid and nitrates can both be fatal to our livestock. Prussic acid is most prevalent in sorghum and sudangrass crops, while nitrates are found in cereal grains, sorghum, sudangrass, millet, corn, and some weed species. Many environmental factors affect the levels of both prussic acid and nitrates within a plant. Drought and grasshopper damage in recent years have increased nitrate levels in the region. Grasshoppers are again forecasted to be a problem this growing season.

Manoukian’s presentation will cover susceptible species, factors that affect levels, effects on livestock, management tactics, and testing for both prussic acid and nitrates. Often times issues with prussic acid or nitrates are only recognized when the results are fatal, and it is too late. Join us for this presentation and be equipped with the knowledge on how to prevent the problem before the it arises.


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