Officer Involved Shooting Incident, Watford City

On April 4, at approximately 11:33 p.m., the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office assisted the Watford City Police Department in responding to a report of suicide threats in the 1200 block of 6th Ave NE, Watford City. Upon arrival law enforcement encountered an armed suspect. One Sheriff’s office deputy discharged their weapon at the armed suspect. Law enforcement rendered medical care to the suspect for gunshot related injuries until paramedics could arrive on scene. The suspect was transported for medical care by paramedics. The identity and status of the suspect along with the identity of the deputy are not being released until a later time.

The initial call is currently being investigated by the Watford City Police Department. The officer-involved shooting is being investigated by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NDBCI). The deputy has been placed on administrative status pending the results of the investigation, which is standard for all officer-involved shooting incidents.

More information will be released as it becomes available.


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