Selecting Transplants & The Sidney Community Garden

Many gardeners use transplants to give long-season plants time to reach maturity. If you are purchasing transplants, here are a few tips on characteristics you want to select.

Transplants of vegetables should be stocky plants between 6”-8” tall. They should have a good root system and be healthy, without any bottom leaves that are yellow. Transplants should not be too mature, and they should not yet have any flowers or fruits. If they have flowers or fruit, the plant will limit vegetative and structural growth to continue supporting flowering. If your transplants do have flowers or fruit, it is best to prune them out to help encourage this vegetative growth.

If you do not have a garden space of your own, but are interested in gardening, there are raised beds available for rent in the Sidney Community Garden. The beds are 4’ x 8’ in size. If you are interested in renting a bed, please contact the MSU Richland County Extension Office at 406-433-1206 or email [email protected].


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