Teacher Appreciation SURVIVOR Game On Now At Fairview School

Although every day should be Teacher Appreciation Day, May 8-12 is officially National Teacher Appreciation Week.

The administration at Fairview School is working hard to showcase their outstanding teaching staff with a Survivor Game, with a digital wheel set up outside the administration office. Any adult in the building will be allowed to make one spin each day to earn points and win prizes. Each day, some prizes are represented as the BIG PRIZE. Those winnings can be collected by contacting Jon Skinner. At the end of the week, there will be a grand prize for the person who has collected the most points. A goal of at least 750 points has been set for even more rewards, like wearing jeans all week.

Fairview School is proud of the dedicated professionals who work hard every day to ensure students receive the best education in the best possible environment. Thank you to all the teachers, enjoy your special week!


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