May Community Power Hour Centered On Changes To Richland County Fair & Fairgrounds

A lot of changes have happened at the Richland County Fairgrounds and a lot of people in the Sidney area have expressed concerns about it. The Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture May 2023s Community Power Hour addressed these concerns.

Richland County Fair Manager, Pam Shelmidine and County Commissioner, Duane Mitchell were asked by the Chamber to come and answer a series of questions given to and overheard by Chamber staff on this topic. After introductions, the Chamber's Director of Programs, Katie Dasinger, began. Shelmidine answered the questions that were geared more toward the events at the fair and different events on the fairgrounds. She made sure to be adamant that The Main Link was returning this year. Commissioner Mitchell handled most of the questions about the funds involved in the maintenance, remodeling, and brought in by the fair as well as the questions about and involving the County Commissioners and members of the Fair Board Commission. He said the public can participate more in the decisions for the funds coming into the county by visiting with the commissioners about it. They are in their office Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the first full week each month, Mondays and Tuesday of the second full week, Mondays thereafter, and the last working day of the month 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and anyone wanting to discuss issues may call the Clerk and Recorder to make an appointment to speak with them. There were some additional questions by the audience wanting to elaborate on the information given at the end.

The meeting was very informational and cleared up a lot of concerns those in the community have. Community Power Hours are held on the third Tuesday of every month. For information on next month's power hour watch the Sidney Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page.


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