Sidney Tiger Sharks In Roundup


The team of swimmers cheering Zoey Garsjo on as she swims the 400 for the first time. Morgan Kindopp, Corben Holler, Cash Copple, Coach Taryn Lee, Brystol Lee, Layla Petrick, Don & Tonya Garsjo and Deb Kindopp (Photo by Marie Holler)

Another weekend of some great swimming from the Sidney Tiger Sharks. They had a group of seven and 1/3 swimmers go to Roundup; the 1/3 being they were only able to swim 1 race because of other commitments. The majority of the age group swimmers had fantastic swims both days and cut some great times. The Sharks are rolling through the season with what seems to be very quickly. Harlem is this coming weekend and then Sidney will have its own meet July 8-9.

Sidney's mixed relay team, Corben Holler, Layla Petrik, Morgan Kindopp, and Zoey Garsjo. (Photo by Marie Holler)


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