Updating Water Mains Construction Moves To Central Ave., Sidney


The construction crews that started tearing up Lincoln Avenue in April to work on the water mains have moved on to Central Avenue just a few weeks before July 4. (Photo by Jaymi Mozeak)

Construction scheduled in Sidney to go from April through the end of July 2023 moved onto Central Ave. on June 19. As a result, the Hwy 16 was closed from Holly Street to 2nd St. NW.

COP Construction started working on Lincoln replacing and laying down water pipes and mains that were old, outdated, or nonexistent.

According to Sidney Public Works Director Jeff Hintz, the work is scheduled to continue for three more weeks.

After they are done, in another week the workers will be able to repave the other roads they tore up except for Central Avenue, which is a state highway, and any private roads or lots. After the repaving work is done, work will begin on Peterson Park.

The work is behind schedule because of summer rains delaying the project. It is inconvenient, but the surrounding residents should be better off for it.

For more information about the project, visit http://www.sidneyprojects.com, a website created by Interstate Engineering.


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