MonDak Boys & Girls Club's Tasty Tuesdays Big Hit

MonDak Boys & Girls Club after-school program is dedicated to introducing our members to new programs and activities.

Tasty Tuesdays is a program that started last year with our youngest members and is quickly growing to be a favorite! It is a hands-on cooking program that inspires creativity, healthy habits, and an interest in what we eat and where it comes from. The recipes include ingredients and recipes that coordinate with the season.

The members started the program with leaf-shaped sandwiches and apple dips. Following the fall theme, the red group members got to make scarecrow mix last week! All enjoyed the savory snack!

The red group is lead by Brooke Haase and Tracy Kessel and enjoys many activities throughout the afternoon including, STEM, art, reading, Social Emotional Learning, and recess!


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